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Bridges Out of Poverty

Understanding the "hidden rules" that govern life for those in poverty is crucial, as it highlights the stark differences in available resources between poverty, middle class, and wealth. The Bridges Out of Poverty model offers workshops and resources for individuals and institutions, aiming to build a better future by addressing poverty dynamics at both individual and systemic levels.

Briges Programs



Getting Ahead Program

The Getting Ahead Program, a comprehensive 16-week, 36-hour course within the Bridges Model, equips individuals in poverty with essential skills to improve their lives. By fostering resource-building, community connections, adaptability to change, and stability, this program has achieved an impressive 80% success rate in over 400 US communities.


R-Rules Program

The R-Rules Program is a semester or nine-week course, tailored to Middle and High School teens, based on Bridges concepts and aligning with state standards for life skills and career education. It's currently implemented with PCC middle and high school students, while elementary students receive adapted concepts suitable for their grade level.

Meet the Trainers

Nicole Jennings, Susan Frank, Ebony Hurt, and Lori Picher are certified in Bridges Out of Poverty National Training, as well as "Getting Ahead" and "R-Rules" Training. Since 2018, PCC has conducted eight-hour Bridges Workshops, benefiting over 200 individuals from 32 United Way community agencies, institutions, and churches engaged in poverty-related work.

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