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Nicole Jennings: Your New Executive Director

Nicole Jennings has been named the next Executive Director of the Presbyterian Community Center in SE Roanoke. She brings with her many years of experience, leadership, and deep roots across southwest Virginia. 

She grew up in Duffield, Virginia, and is a graduate of Rye Cove High School. Her FACS classes and longtime mentor and advisor, Velena Wheatly prepared Nicole to lead from a young age. Nicole served on the Virginia State Executive Board of Officers for Family Career and Community Leaders of America. She went on to serve as an officer on the FCCLA Alumni and Associates Board of Directors for three years for the state of Virginia. Nicole helped lead STOP the Violence efforts to reduce harm and school shootings in public schools across Virginia.

She loves to work with volunteers at PCC, from tutors, pantry helpers, and Pathways snack helping hands. She has an appreciation for their time and the service they provide. She understands what an important role volunteers can have in the community. Nicole clocked over 2500 hours of community service before entering college. She volunteered in elementary schools, assisted living for disabled and elderly as well as in her childhood church, Three Bells United Methodist. Nicole also served two terms with AmeriCorps in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. She worked in underserved schools within the region through the AmeriCorps program. 


She moved to Roanoke in 2004 and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with cognates in Education and Social Science from Liberty University. Nicole was employed by Roanoke City Schools prior to PCC, working with students in need of remediation attention at former William Ruffner Middle School. 


She has continued to grow and expand on the already incredible foundation of the after-school program, Pathways for Youth during her 15 years at PCC. Nicole was the Middle School and Mentor Coordinator for six years and the Director of Family Programs for nine years. She was mentored by the founder and former director of Pathways for Youth,  Tom MacMichael. She was also molded by the leadership of former Executive Director of PCC, Karen McNally. Both individuals played a pivotal role in developing her leadership that will allow her to continue to advocate for the community and lead PCC in her new role as Executive Director. 


She has a love for children and youth and a passion to help others become the best versions of themselves. Nicole enjoys working with the community partners, volunteers, donors, and staff at PCC to bring awareness of the underserved population in SE and create opportunities for growth and upward change. 


Nicole is a trained facilitator for Bridges Out of Poverty, Getting Ahead, and R Rules. She serves on the leadership board at Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church and is still active as a member of FCCLA Alumni. She serves as a judge for FCCLA STAR Events at the State Leadership and Recognition Conference in Virginia Beach as needed. 


However, Nicole states that her greatest role is being a mom to her two sons. She strives to teach them how to love others as Christ loves them. She also encourages them to show this love with opportunities to serve and volunteer in and around the SE community.


Nicole is also a wedding and event coordinator. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, reading, running, and cooking and is an avid music lover.


Please help us welcome her as she assumes her new role with a long-standing commitment to service and dedication to PCC. 

Special Message from Nicole's Family


Words cannot describe how proud of you I am. For over a decade you have given so much

to help so many. I remember you coming home from work and you telling me about a job

you were going to apply for. You seemed excited about the opportunity after an interview

with the Director of the Pathways Program. You were hired and it was clear immediately

how much passion you had for this new career path. As the Middle School Coordinator,

you helped so many families. Families you only knew for a short time. Former students that

still to this day keep in touch with you. As the years kept going by and the faces of staff and

students changed. You were always the constant. You worked so hard to help better all the

kids at Pathways. All your hard work was recognized, and you became the Director of

Pathways once Tom retired. When that happened, I truly understood what the job meant to

you. Hours of work added, that sometimes would interfere with your personal time. Phone

calls late at night and early in the morning. More responsibility was put on you than ever

before. Never once did I ever hear you say that you couldn’t handle it. You always

responded and did what needed to be done. This all while being a wife and mother to our

two children. We are so proud of you and are excited to be with you on your new journey.

With Love,


“The easiest way isn’t always the best.” -John Locke


You are the best person for the job! You do such good stuff. You are the best and you

deserve this. I am so proud of you, and everyone is proud of you.



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