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Pat Minahan – His Bright, Welcoming Smile Will be Missed

Volunteers come to the PCC from many sources. Many come to the PCC after hearing about volunteer opportunities from supporting churches and civic organizations. Others may have community service requirements from their schools or clubs. Friends and neighbors also spread the word about opportunities to lend a helping hand in the community. Still others may receive a gentle prod by their spouse once they retire. That is how Pat Minahan, who passed away on August 28, came to be at the Front Desk at the Presbyterian Community Center. Also, PCC Executive Director Karen McNally is Pat’s niece.

With his bright smile, quick wit, and hearty chuckle, Pat greeted PCC-clients, told a joke or two and befriended many along the way. He has left his mark at the PCC and a hole in our heart.

Karen McNally, Pat Minahan, and Jim Curry at PCC Front Desk.

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