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  • Nicole Jennings, Director of Family Programs

Pathways Recap

Pathways for Youth wrapped up a very unusual school year in June. While we were uncertain of many things this past year, we know that our children were shining stars through it all. Pathways was able to celebrate the students with a smaller than usual banquet on June 4th. Each group received unique awards and were given words of affirmation to carry them on to their next grade level. We were able to celebrate our 2021 Spirit of Pathways recipients Strisha, Landon, and Chad during our banquet as well. Each student’s name will be placed on a plaque that will

be displayed in Pathways to recognize their leadership, character, and accomplishments for the year.

Pathways Coordinators received a special Spirit of Pathways award. Staff rose to every obstacle that was placed before them all while providing a safe and welcoming environment for students and their families. As their director I can say I am so thankful for their leadership and willingness to go above and beyond every single day to meet the needs of our participants.

Pathways staff also surprised me with a Spirit of Pathways award that they presented at the banquet as well. I was touched by their loving words and caring hearts that made me feel so appreciated and special. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to serve the community through Pathways. As I begin my 12th school year, I have a renewed love and hope for the future of Pathways.

Thank you to all our donors, churches, volunteers, and those that pray for our families and staff. We look forward to the upcoming 2021-2022 school year!

-Nicole Jennings, Director of Family Programs

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