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The best part about being involved with PCC volunteers and donors is seeing the impact these individuals have on others, because their dedication, energetic drive, resourcefulness and generosity all are contagious. They are passionate role models, planting their seeds of compassion in the community, yielding a bountiful harvest. From first time volunteers to the tried and true, experienced volunteers who know the unique rhythm of the PCC, the staff is very thankful to each and everyone who not only share their time but who become a vital part of the PCC’s mission.

This summer, we welcomed back Dustin Persinger who tutored Pathways for Youth students in 2011 while he was a student at Roanoke College. Now a guidance counselor at McCleary Elementary in Craig County with some extra time on his hands during his summer vacation, Dustin helped distribute food orders to PCC Clients and he plans to stay involved with evening or weekend events once school starts in the fall. When asked what drew him back to PCC, Dustin said with a broad smile that could be “heard” through his face mask, “It was just inspired!”

I wonder, could YOU be inspired to volunteer at the PCC? I hope so because our hours of operation have expanded, adjusting to a new-normal schedule, which will require many more helping hands. Won’t you look over the list below to see if your talents can be cultivated at the Center?

Front Desk/Receptionist: Monday – Thursday Morning and Afternoon Shifts)

Greet and Sign-In Clients, Answer the phones, Coordinate with Emergency Services Case Managers, Filing

Food Pantry: Monday – Thursday (Afternoon Shifts)

Prepare Food Orders, Re-stock pantry shelves, Process food donations

Food Pantry Delivery Team: Flexible Shifts

Join the team of volunteers who transport food from Feeding Southwest Virginia or local grocery stores to the PCC. Strong arms and back are a prerequisite and having a truck, van or SUV will put your name at the top of the list - for as little or as often as you can help.

Pathways for Youth Tutor: Monday – Thursday 4-5PM, Start early September

Help the Pathways’ children with their homework, one-on-one or in small groups. If you feel inspired or you want to be inspired, contact Cheryl Poe at or call PCC

at 540-982-2911, to learn how you can take action in Southeast Roanoke, today!

-Cheryl Poe, Director of Volunteer Services

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