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Meet Our New Team Members at Presbyterian Community Center!

We're thrilled to introduce you to the newest additions to our PCC family. Each one of them brings a unique set of skills and a genuine passion for making a difference in our community.

🌟 Ronald Barbour 🌟

"I'm Ronald Barbour, and I'm honored to be a Pathways Assistant at the Presbyterian Community Center. Currently, I'm pursuing the Automotive Program at Virginia Western Community College, but my true passion lies in music. I play the cello and piano and even teach music! My goal as a Pathways Assistant is to leave a lasting, positive impact on our children through the power of music. 🎶 Let's make beautiful memories together!"

🌟 Amber Stump 🌟

"Hello, everyone! I'm Ms. Amber, and I'm thrilled to be the Middle School Pathways Assistant. I'm a proud mom of two, dedicated to teaching children and youth empathy and the importance of spreading love and kindness. When I'm not at PCC, you'll find me at concerts, on my porch painting, or in a hammock in the woods. Currently, I'm working towards a Bachelor's of Science in Educational Psychology. Let's embark on this learning journey together!"

🌟 Krae Heath 🌟

"Greetings, I'm Krae Heath, your High School Coordinator for the Pathways Program. My journey here began with Virginia 4-H, where I discovered my passion for education. I pursued my studies in History at Liberty University and am now gearing up for a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, with a focus on Urban Education. When I'm not immersed in educational activities, you'll find me building models or adventuring in Dungeons and Dragons. I can't wait to connect with students and parents to create a supportive learning community."

🌟 Colleen Heath 🌟

"Hey there, I'm Colleen Heath, your Media & Communications Specialist and soon-to-be mom of two! When I'm not crafting strategic messages, I'm indulging in DIY projects, baking, and exploring my creative side. I'm absolutely thrilled to bring my passion for effective communication and creativity to PCC. Let's work together to build awareness and support within our community!"

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Ronald, Amber, Krae, and Colleen. We're confident that their dedication and unique talents will enrich the experiences of our children and families at the Presbyterian Community Center. 🌈✨ #NewTeamMembers #PCCFamily #CommunityMatters

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