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  • Colleen Heath

Winter Preparedness Tips

As the winter season approaches, it's crucial to ensure that everyone in our community has the knowledge and resources to stay safe and warm, particularly those facing housing or poverty challenges. In this blog post, we'll share essential winter preparedness tips and resources to help everyone navigate the colder months with comfort and safety.

  1. Find Shelter:

    1. Locate local shelters and warming centers.

    2. Reach out to communitiy organizations or churches that may offer temporary shelter.

  2. Stay Warm:

    1. Dress in layers and use blankets for insulation.

    2. Connect with charities for winter clothing donations.

  3. Health and Hygiene:

    1. Practice good hygiene to prevent winter illnesses.

    2. Find free flu shots or health clinics in your area.

  4. Food Assistance:

    1. Plan for nutritious, warm meals to support your health.

    2. Connect with organizations like PCC, who offer Food Services.

  5. Emergency Heating:

    1. Research energy assistnace programs.

    2. Check out the resource on safety with portable heaters.

  6. Stay Informed:

    1. Follow local weather updates

    2. Sign up for emergency alerts.

  7. Community Support:

    1. Build a local support network

    2. Connect with PCC and other community centers to see how we can be assistance to you or to others.

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